If you want to know one thing about me, it's this: I'm always looking for the story.

Everything we do in life has a story behind it. The reason you love your technology, or why you always sing that favorite song just a little louder in the car.

Stories are the most amazing human experience, and they bring us together.

When you're looking to get your message across, a story is the key, and I'm here to help you tell that story.

Fun Facts

  • When I was four, I sang a solo from the Anastasia¬†movie (still my favorite) at a dance recital. Chuck Norris was in the audience.
  • In high school, I played junior varsity tennis and placed first in almost every tournament. In the losers' bracket.
  • Also during my high school years, my first book was reviewed by a HarperCollins editor. I ended up publishing the book in late 2015.
  • As an avid reader, one of my goals in 2018 is to read a book series that features 46 books. In February 2018, I'm nine books in.